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What we do?


Third-party payroll

Third-party payroll

Facility Supply, Management, Housekeeping Manpower Services, Allied Services

Facility Supply, Management, Housekeeping Manpower Services, Allied Services

End-to-end Recruitments for IT &
Non-IT organizations

End-to-end Recruitments for IT & Non-IT organizations

Undertaking security Services

Undertaking security Services

Hiring Process

Working closely with clients we determine the exact
requirement of profile, qualifications & skills and
accordingly we make extensive assessment and place the desired candidates which suit their job
requirement and culture.

  • Set Eligibility criteria as per requirements of client.

  • Search the required expertise and experience
    in our Database.

  • Shortlist the candidates and schedule interviews.

  • Offering intent letter to selected candidates.

  • Complete their documentation process.

  • Issue them an Appointment letter upon joining at
    deployed location.

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